WordPress Digital Assistance

Page updated June 2017

Do you have a WordPress website/blog and wish you had the time to keep the software updated and the content current?  Or do you have a wishlist of changes and additions for the web, but never quite get down to the work required to change it? You’re not alone; it’s a common problem faced by many businesses, where tweaking your website takes you away from your core business activities. So if time is your problem, or you suffer from web change stress and anxiety,  or simply haven’t a clue what to do, then help is here with my WordPress digital assistance service.

How does the digital assistance service work?

Web changes can be carried out on a weekly or monthly basis. The level of change required depends on what you have planned.  Then to action a change, just email me the instruction and/or content. I will then acknowledge receipt of the request and tell you when it’s likely to happen. To engage me as a digital assistant you will need to pay a monthly fee in six-monthly blocks. The level of fee required is governed by what you have planned.  Unused time is carried over to the next month.  A service quality review is carried out by me at the end of each six-month block.  View my services and charges.


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